Ottoman Beds: The Pros and Cons

Upgrade your bedroom game with an Ottoman bed! But are they all they're cracked up to be? Check out the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

As the size of homes continues to shrink, many people are fighting for space, particularly in the bedroom, increasing the demand for additional storage solutions to maximise the limited space. The Ottoman bed is one such solution that has grown in popularity recently.

Ottoman beds are a versatile option combining a bed's functionality with the bonus of hidden storage space. These beds have a gas lift mechanism that allows the mattress to be easily lifted, revealing a large storage area beneath.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed has a hydraulic mechanism that lets you lift the mattress and access the storage space beneath it. This unique design makes it an excellent choice for small living spaces with limited storage.

Moreover, the hydraulic mechanism of an ottoman bed makes lifting the mattress and accessing the storage space a breeze. With an Ottoman bed, you can keep your bedroom clutter-free while still keeping all of your belongings close at hand.

If you are thinking about the ottoman bed's meaning, its design inspiration comes from traditional Turkish furniture, which often features built-in storage. 

However, a modern ottoman bed is designed to fit seamlessly into any home decor with various styles and materials. Whether you want a sleek leather design or plush velvet, an ottoman bed is designed to suit every taste and budget!

Ottoman Beds pros and cons

Types of Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are a practical and stylish solution for those who want to maximise their storage space while still having a comfortable and functional sleeping area. If you want to turn your ottoman bed storage ideas into reality, several beds are on the market, each with features and benefits, from cheap ottomans to expensive ones. Let’s look at the most common types of ottoman beds.

  • Standard Ottoman Bed

This bed type is a simple design that uses a gas lift mechanism to lift the mattress and access the storage space below. It is typically available in various sizes, from single to king, and can be upholstered in different materials.

  • End-Lift Ottoman Bed

 This type of bed is similar to a standard one, but the lifting mechanism is located at the foot rather than on the side. Furthermore, this design is helpful for those who want to place the bed against a wall because it allows easy access to the storage space without needing the bed to be moved away from the wall.

  • Side-Lift Ottoman Bed

 A side-lift ottoman bed is another popular design, with a lifting mechanism on the side of the bed. This design is ideal for those who want to position the bed in the centre of a room or against a wall because it allows easy access to the storage space from either side.

  • Ottoman Storage Bed with Headboard

 This ottoman bed offers storage beneath the mattress and behind the headboard. This extra storage space is ideal for books, pillows, and other small items.

  • Ottoman TV Bed

 An ottoman tv bed is a luxurious option with a built-in TV lift mechanism that allows you to watch tv from the comfort of your bed. This style of Ottoman bed comes in various sizes and styles, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a luxurious touch to their bedroom.

Best ottoman Beds to buy

What are the Pros of the Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds are a popular option for people who want to enhance their storage space while still having a comfortable and stylish sleeping area. The following are some of the main benefits of owning an ottoman bed:

  • More storage without taking up valuable floor space

The most obvious benefit of this bed is its additional storage beneath the mattress, as it doesn’t occupy an extra floor space. However, opting for an ottoman bed with legs may also create a sense of space in your room.

  • Storage space for bulky or difficult-to-store items

The storage area of an ottoman bed is typically quite large, making it ideal for storing bulky or difficult-to-store items like bedding, clothing, or shoes.

  • Easy to lift without assistance

The hydraulic lifting mechanism makes these beds easy to lift and access storage areas. It means you don’t require any assistance or physical strength to lift the mattress.

  • Secure and slow-closing

 Because the lifting mechanism is slow-closing, the mattress will not suddenly drop when you access the storage area. That is why ottoman beds are considered safe for children as well.

  • Stylish and functional 

Ottoman beds are available in various styles and materials, making them an aesthetic addition to any bedroom. Moreover, they are functional, offering a practical storage solution to help keep your bedroom clutter-free.

What are the Cons of the Ottoman Bed?

While these beds have many advantages, you may face the following ottoman bed problems: 

  • Challenging to move between rooms or houses

Ottoman beds are quite heavy and difficult to move between rooms or houses, especially in narrow hallways or staircases. If you need to relocate them frequently, it may cause significant inconvenience.

  • Expensive

Ottoman beds can be more expensive than traditional beds due to the additional features and materials required for the gas lift mechanism. However, they may not be suitable if you are on a tight budget.

  • Risk to Pets and Children

While ottoman beds are designed with safety in mind, there is still a risk of injury if small children or pets become trapped under the lifting mechanism. When using this bed, ensure children and pets are supervised to comprehend the potential dangers.

How do Ottoman Beds Work?

Ottoman beds have a specific lifting mechanism that allows easy access to the storage area beneath the mattress. This is how it works:

  • Gas-lift hydraulic system

 Ottoman beds use a gas-lift hydraulic system to lift and hold the mattress in place while you access the storage area. When you want to close the bed, this system slowly releases the mattress, allowing it to lower back into place smoothly. This type of ottoman bed is also known as a gas lift bed.

  • Other Mechanisms

In addition to gas lift systems, there are other working mechanisms in ottoman beds, such as end-lifting, side-lifting, and half-lifting. The most common are end-lifting ottoman beds, designed to be lifted from the foot of the bed. In addition, side-lifting ottoman beds are raised from the side of the bed, whereas half-lifting ottoman beds are raised from the middle.

  • Placement and accessibility

When selecting an ottoman bed, it is critical to consider its placement and accessibility. Ensure enough space is around the bed to lift it without being obstructed. Furthermore, the weight of the mattress and items to store should be considered, as this can also affect the ease of lifting and lowering the bed.

What Materials Are Ottoman Beds Made of?

Ottoman beds are typically constructed of wood, metal, and fabric. The frame is usually made of solid materials like hardwood or metal, while the base and headboard can be covered in various fabrics or leather.

Do you want to build an Ottoman bed?

It is also possible to build a DIY ottoman bed,  all you'll have to do is to follow the given  steps:

  •  Arrange a sturdy bed frame and a suitable mattress.
  •  Construct the ottoman's base with plywood, hinges, and a lifting mechanism to serve as the storage compartment. 
  •  Make the base cover using fabric or leather or whatever material you like.
  •  Finally, you can add final touches to your ottoman bed, such as a headboard or footboard. 

Following the instructions carefully and taking safety precautions can ensure a successful build!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, ottoman beds provide storage and a comfortable sleeping area, making them a stylish and practical solution for small spaces. They are available in a range of designs and materials, and their lifting mechanism makes them simple to use. However, they can be heavy and difficult to assemble, and the storage area may be inaccessible while the bed is in use.

When purchasing an ottoman bed, carefully weigh the pros and cons and select a model that meets your needs and budget. Think about the size of your room, the amount of storage you need, and the overall design of the bed. In addition, you can also examine reviews and ratings to ensure the best purchase!

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How to choose the best small double ottoman bed?+
When selecting the small double ottoman bed. Look for the following elements:
  • Models with plenty of storage space
  • A sturdy construction and a comfortable mattress
  • Consider the lifting mechanism
  • Ease of use and overall design
  • Do ottoman beds break easily? +

    Ottoman beds are usually of sturdy construction and do not break easily. However, if the weight on the bed base exceeds its capacity, the gas springs will be under much tension when lifted.

    Are ottoman beds good? +

    Yes, ottoman beds are good in terms of space-saving solutions and durability. However, they can be costly due to these additional features.

    Are Ottoman beds sturdy? +

    A well-made ottoman bed is firm and sturdy, supporting various weights.

    Can I get a double ottoman bed with a mattress? +

    Although the bed bases are bought separately if you want a mattress, you can select it on the website according to the size of your ottoman base.

    What to do if my ottoman bed won't close? +

    The solution is quite simple. The pistons of your lifting mechanism require pressure to close. In addition to placing the mattress on the bed, you may need to use some physical force to close it.

    How to choose an ottoman bed for a heavy person? +

    To choose a bed for a heavy person, the weight of an ottoman bed should be compatible with the sleeper’s weight.

    What to do if my ottoman bed gas struts not working? +

    If your gas struts are not working, they need the mattress's weight or extra physical force to compress.