Why Cream Ottoman Double Bed is the Perfect Solution for Your Bedroom

Are you looking for an aesthetic yet functional bed? Then, opting for a cream ottoman bed can fulfil your needs from style to storage!

A cream ottoman double bed is a great choice if you require a full size bed and want to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom's decor while also getting plenty of storage space.

Cream Ottoman Bed: What Sets It Apart from Traditional Bed

Have you ever heard of a cream ottoman bed? It's a type of bed that's becoming increasingly well-liked and for a good reason!

So, what exactly is a cream ottoman bed? Well, it's a specific kind of bed with a built-in compartment for storage beneath the mattress. A hydraulic system raises the mattress to reveal a roomy compartment that can store anything from clothing to bedding and other items.

What sets a cream ottoman bed apart from a regular bed is its functionality! Traditional beds have a few drawers or a tiny, difficult-to-access space under the bed for storage. However, an ottoman bed allows you to have much storage that is accessible and keeps your bedroom clutter-free. In addition, ottoman beds come in various chic styles and materials that can add a touch of class to any bedroom.

Overall, a cream ottoman bed might be what you need if you're looking for a comfy yet functional bed. Why not try it and observe the changes it makes to your bedroom?

Benefits of Having a Cream Ottoman Bed

Are you looking for a new bed and thinking about a cream ottoman double bed? If so, you're in luck! An ottoman bed is a smart investment for your bedroom due it has many benefits.
Thanks to the built-in storage compartment beneath the mattress, you can conveniently store extra bedding, clothing, or other items without wasting valuable closet space! It is beneficial in smaller homes where storage can be an issue.

Another benefit of an ottoman bed is the added comfort it provides. Instead of slats or a box spring, the mattress rests on a flat surface, which reduces movement and noise when you move around in bed, which may result in a more restful night's sleep and less disturbance for your bed partner.

Many cream ottoman beds are designed with a sleek and contemporary  appearance, making them a stylish addition to any bedroom. As they are available in various materials and colours, you can find one that complements your style and décor.

Ottoman Bed

Styles of Cream Ottoman Double Bed

If you are considering opting for an ottoman cream bed, you are fortunate enough because you will add a functional and stylish piece of furniture to your bedroom. Ottoman beds are designed in multiple designs, from classic to modern, so let’s explore some and pick one that matches your room style!

1. Classic Ottoman Beds

There are cream ottoman beds with elegant and traditional designs for those who prefer a classic look. These beds frequently feature a simple yet chic headboard and footboard and are constructed of high-quality materials like metal or wood. Moreover, some classic ottoman beds may have elaborate details like carved legs or decorative moulding for a touch of grace.

2. Sleek and Contemporary Ottoman Beds

Are you an admirer of contemporary aesthetics? You must be glad that many ottoman beds have sleek and modern designs. These beds often have clean lines and minimalist details, such as a tufted headboard or a platform base. Moreover, you can opt for them in a variety of neutral colours to go with any decor, and they are typically finished from materials like leather or faux leather.

3. Mid-Century Ottoman Beds

Mid-century modern ottoman beds feature clean, tapered lines and a retro-inspired design. They can give your bedroom a hint of vintage charm and are available in various materials such as fabric and leather. What about giving your room an antique look?

4. Luxurious Ottoman Beds

If you want a luxurious bed but also looking for a practical storage solution, luxury ottoman beds are a great choice! These beds are often upholstered in velvet or satin with intricate button tufting or diamond stitching. In contrast, some are designed in a metallic or mirror finish for an extra touch of glamour! For instance, cream velvet ottoman beds are perfect for adding a practical touch and luxe vibe to your bedroom!

5. Statement Ottoman Beds

Want to add a statement to your bedroom? Many striking and distinctive bed designs are available for you! These statement ottoman beds are ideal for those who want their bed to be the room's centrepiece, thanks to their brightly coloured upholstery and unique shapes and patterns.

Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or bold design, there's sure to be an ottoman bed that matches your style and needs!

Assembling Cream Ottoman Double Bed: Step-By-Step Instructions

Putting together a cream double ottoman bed may seem challenging, but it is easy and only requires a few simple steps.

Here's a how-to manual to walk you through the procedure:

Step 1: Unpack the Bed

Take everything out of the packaging, and make sure you have all the required parts before continuing. The headboard, footboard, two side rails, slats, and other required hardware or tools are typically included.

Step 2: Attaching Headboard and Footboard

Attach the headboard and footboard to the side rails using the provided hardware. Most ottoman beds will have pre-drilled holes, so you have to align the holes and fasten the pieces with the provided screws and bolts.

Step 3: Add the Slats

Place the slats on the side rails, ensuring they're evenly spaced and aligned correctly. Slats for some ottoman beds may snap into place, while others may need screws or brackets to secure the slats in place.

Step 4: Install the Ottoman Mechanism

It is time to install the lifting mechanism. Usually, this involves fastening gas pistons to the bed frame and the lifting mechanism to the ottoman base.

Step 5: Check the Bed

Before adding the mattress, check the bed to ensure everything is in place and working properly. In addition, open and close the ottoman mechanism to ensure it functions correctly, and shake the bed a bit to test its stability.

Step 6: Add the Mattress

Add your mattress and any additional bedding after ensuring the bed is assembled correctly. For added comfort, use a double mattress refers to a flippable mattress; this means you can change the mattress's side for comfort.

Now, your brand-new cream double ottoman bed is ready to climb in!
As you can see, putting together a cream double ottoman bed is a simple process that can be finished in a few simple steps. You can quickly set up and get ready to use your new bed with the right tools and patience.


Complement your Cream Ottoman Bed: Tips for Choosing Bedding

A few important things to consider when selecting bedding for a cream ottoman bed. Here are the following points to assist you in choosing the ideal bedding:

Select a Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of your bedding should be your first consideration. You can choose bedding in any colour scheme using a cream ottoman bed as your neutral foundation. Consider complementary hues like blue or green tones or a monochromatic colour scheme with various cream and white tones.

Choose the Right Fabric

Your bedding's appearance and feel can be significantly affected by the fabric you choose. When selecting fabrics, consider the time of year and your personal preferences. For instance, select heavier materials like flannel or jersey knit for the colder months while picking lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen for the warmer months.

Play around with Textures

Try out various textures to give your bedding more depth and interest. Consider layering a fluffy down comforter over a crisp cotton duvet cover, or add a knit throw blanket for a cosy touch. You can also use textured throw pillows to add visual appeal.

Take Style into Account

Your bedding should have a design that matches the room's overall style. If your decor is classic or traditional, choose bedding with elaborate details like lace or embroidery. However, select minimalistic designs with clear lines and striking colours for a more contemporary appearance.

Add final Touches

Remember to add finishing touches like throws and decorative pillows. These accents can give your bedding personality and style and are simple to switch out to give your room a new look.

Importance of Maintaining and Cleaning Ottoman Cream Bed

Regular upkeep and cleaning are required to ensure the longevity and beauty of your cream ottoman bed. Your bed may become dull and unattractive over time due to dust, dirt, and stains accumulation. So, here are the reasons why it's crucial to maintain and clean your ottoman bed:

Prolongs the Life of Your Bed

Keeping your bed clean and well-maintained can help prevent wear and tear and extend its longevity. This process includes vacuuming the mattress and bed frame, tightening screws and bolts, and inspecting for wear or damage.

Improves Sleep Quality

A clean, fresh bed can increase the quality of your sleep, allowing you to awaken feeling rested and refreshed. Moreover, your ability to sleep can be hampered by allergies or respiratory issues caused due to a messy or cluttered bed.

Enhances the Look of Your Room

A spotless, well-kept cream ottoman bed can improve the look of your room. Further, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your room feel more inviting and comfortable.

Prevents Stains and Discoloration

By keeping your bed clean regularly, you can avoid stains and discolouration from developing and keep it looking brand-new. It includes immediately handling spills or stains and using covert methods to stop damage.

Ottoman bases

Can a cream ottoman double bed fit in any bedroom?

When purchasing a cream ottoman bed double, it is crucial to consider the space in your bedroom. Although most ottoman beds are made to fit in a standard-sized bedroom, it is still important to measure the area to ensure the bed will fit without feeling crowded.
In addition, consider the space required for the bed to open and close the storage compartment. It's advised to leave enough room so the bed can open completely without bumping into other furniture or walls. With careful measurement and planning, a cream ottoman bed can fit into most bedrooms.

Summing Up

A double ottoman bed is a functional and adaptable bedroom solution. Its storage features and cosy design make it the perfect option for those who want to maximise space without compromising comfort.

Moreover, an ottoman bed is available in various designs, sizes, and price ranges to suit any spending limit or style preference.

It is possible to make this bed a lovely and valuable addition to any bedroom by picking the appropriate bedding and caring for it. So, a cream ottoman double bed is a wise investment to improve your bedroom space for years because it can easily blend into any decor.

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Can I opt for cream ottoman bed bases only? +

Yes, you can shop for bed bases separately to match your headboard. You can opt for our cream Penelope upholstered ottoman bed frame to add elegance to your bedroom.

Can I place an ordinary mattress on my ottoman bed? +

Yes, the ottoman bed can be fitted with any mattress. However, you can select one that suits your preferences.

What are the benefits of a cream kingsize bed? +

This king-size bed can benefit you by offering space-saving options, like drawers or an ottoman base. Moreover, this bed can be a wise investment for comfort and style.