Complete Guide To Selecting The Ideal Sofa For Your Living Room

A sofa is considered to be the soul of a living room. It is a must-have furniture item you should opt for to enhance your living room look. It is not so easy to select an appropriate sofa, which can suit the interior design of your home and offer maximum comfort.

It becomes a challenge to choose a sofa for your home since there are many things that need consideration before making a purchase. To solve your problem and help you out with this confusion, we are here!

Here we will discuss the kinds of sofas available in the market, which kind of sofa is suitable for you, and what others parameters should be there in your mind when you buy a sofa.

Things To Remember Before Selecting A Sofa

1. Evaluate Your Living Room Space

Before spending your hours searching for a good sofa, you need to evaluate your living room space, which is the foremost thing to do. Think about the existing items in your living room and then analyze how much space you have for a sofa. There should also be some space left in order to make your living room clutter-free.

Your sofa should also go really well with other elements like a table, which should fit alongside it. Measuring your available space is always advisable to figure out the size of the sofa and the configuration that would work for you.

2. Consider Your Budget

Allocating a fixed budget or a budget range for a sofa will help you to filter sofas that fit your budget and sofas that don’t. The price of any sofa is not always easy to see at first, but if you decide on the budget beforehand, then you can figure out things pretty easily.

A better way to make your budget is to do research about the item. It will help if you read the descriptions and FAQs related to the searched item. In the case of online shopping, don’t forget to check reviews and also pay attention to the warranty, delivery time, and after-sales services.

3. Comfort or Decor- Decide Your Sofa Purpose.

The living room is known to be the face of your home, so better if you choose the best items for it. It should follow your interior design and perfectly fit with your living wall colors & patterns. You should also look at the style and tone of your living room in order to make it look the best.
Considering the lighting and overall ambiance of the living room is advisable not to make it odd. To make your living room more luxurious, you can add classic sofas with a bit of trending style.

4. Do You Have Allergies To Materials Used In Different Sofas?

Different kinds of materials are used to make sofas which affect their quality as well as style. It is important to focus on the material used for the sofa to make it look and feel better. Fabric plays an important role in deciding where you can place your sofa. For example, if you want your sofa to be placed near a window, you should avoid sofas made of natural fabric because they can fade away due to sunlight.

If any of your family members have allergies to a certain fabric, then you should avoid opting for that. Thus, get a sofa that does not trigger an allergy in your family. We will discuss the kinds of fabric used in sofas in the later part!

5. How Much Back Support Do You Want In Your Sofa?

Comfort is the foremost priority for any customer while purchasing a sofa. Since majorly people use sofas during their relaxing hours, then it should solve the purpose. Adding foam-filled cushions, which are also accessible in various densities, can provide strong support for people with back-related problems.

If you have older people or kids, then comfort should be your priority.

Decide on What Seater Sofa You Want?

2 Seater Sofa

    This is the best choice for homes with less space since they offer comfort, just like big sofas. You can buy it as a standalone furniture item or as part of a collection that includes a 3 seater sofa and armchair.

    3 Seater Sofa

      This is the most commonly opted sofa. Three Seater Sofa has two large base cushions with a cushioned back that can be removable or non-removable. In the last few years, 3 Seater Sofa Beds have also gained popularity because they fully use space and are comfortable.

      4 Seater Sofa

        These sofas are best for big families who need more space while watching entertainment shows together. 4 seater sofas are manufactured in a way to provide the best comfort to more people at the same time with better features to fit different lifestyles.

        Additional Chairs?

          Additional chairs were conventionally used to complete the look of the living room. But now, they are used as a standalone furniture item. Items like armchairs can be used as a finishing touch to support your other living room furniture. They act like statement furniture that adds up the charm to your living room.

          Types Of Sofa You Can Buy

          Now, sofas have evolved from just being mere sitting furniture. There are various kinds of sofas like 3 seater sofa beds to offer more functionality to the living room. Here, we are writing about some of the major and trendy sofa types:

          1. Corner Sofa

          Corner sofas offer more space and serve as a classy divider between areas such as the dining room & living room in homes with limited space. Small homeowners can choose this sofa with a chaise longue for better legroom as well as seats.

          2. Recliners

          Recliners embrace the functionality of an armchair or sofa by enabling you to lean back according to your comfort. These kinds of sofas also have footrests for more comfort.

          3. Sofa Bed

          A sofa bed is a multitasking furniture item with a seating and sleeping arrangement. It also helps in keeping with the style and aesthetic of your living room. They can be folded and offer better mechanisms & comfort.

          4. Chaise Lounge

          You can extend one side of a chaise lounge to stretch out completely without any additional ottoman. It solves the purpose of relaxing with extra comfort and convenience.

          5. Futon

          These kinds of sofas are reclined flat so that you can use them as beds. Several futons have heights close to the ground and do not have arms for better & quick conversion.

          Choose The Material Type Of Your Sofa

          Fabric Sofa

          These sofas are suitable for people who want to add some individuality to their living room. A wide range of fabrics with different styles, colors, and patterns make these sofas look incredible if placed in a subtle-colored living room.

          Leather Sofa

          There is a huge variety of leather-based sofas available in the market. They often need proper care and maintenance from insects and other environmental factors. Three major types of leather used in sofa manufacturing are pigmented leather, aniline leather, and semi-aniline leather.

          PVC Sofa

          PVC sofa is manufactured by using a kind of vinyl. These sofas contain a plastic resin which makes them look similar to leather. Also, they are super easy to maintain and more affordable than real leather. If you want to shop for something that looks like leather and comes under your budget, then you can opt for this PVC sofa.

          Foam Sofa

          Foam is a highly utilized material by sofa manufacturers to make it more supportive. In addition, foam sofa provides a customized and finished look. There is a wide variety of foam sofas available in the market, which retain the sofa’s shape better than fiber.

          Choose Additional Accessories For Your Sofa

          There is a wide range of accessories used to support sofas. If you have more space left in your living area, you can simply put these statement items and additional accessories with your sofa set. Adding a side table with a lamp is a classic combination to fit perfectly in your living area.

          Items like rugs, mirrors, armchairs, and standalone lighting, add up to the glamour and style of your living room. So, opting for these things will definitely going to uplift the interior decor of your home. Along with that, cushions are the best supporting items for your sofa, providing a beautiful look and improving the comfort level.

          To Sum Up

          Sofas are the eye-catchers of your living room. After a hectic day, you get back home and relax on your sofa and watch TV to uplift your mood. So, it is important that they need to be comfortable as well as stylish to make a style statement in people’s minds who visit your home.

          After knowing what you require, your next question would be where to get it. For this, you can simply get in contact Forever Unique team. We are here to offer the best-in-class sofa collection with beautiful designs and patterns.

          We are ready with unique designs and measuring tools to get you the best sofas ever!