Balmy Chillin
For those who like to keep things simple, the ‘Balmy Chillin’ room evokes a sense of stillness and serenity with its blissfully beige set up. A fresh and clean room filled with on-trend accessories, minimalistic lighting, and smooth, solid furnishings that create a relaxing space ideal for lounging, hosting friends, or having a quiet moment to yourself with some much needed ‘me’ time. Starting with a blank canvas, a plush, neutral sofa like the Forever Unique Home Paris Mocha Left Hand Corner Group sofa is ideal for all-day comfort, drawing attention to the centre of the room and allowing simplistic statement pieces, such as trendy donut ceramic vases, or bust sculpture vases, a marble coffee table, or finishing touches including delicate pampas grass, to complete the chic look. Classic white shutters allow natural light to seep through, whilst subtle traces of greenery, using faux potted plants, gives dimension to the room and adds to the homely feel. A unique gold stem lamp adds a modern touch to the Scandi-style decor, bringing a warm glow and sense of calm whether the bulb is switched on or off, whilst the sandy wood flooring keeps the room light and airy. Elegant design, neutral hues and thoughtful details create a harmonious space where you are guaranteed to feel at home. This calming area gives you enough room to relax in style in a tranquil atmosphere, whilst being practical enough to study, lounge with friends, or work from home without compromising on style or comfort.